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Thembi Seete got a fitness IG page – Reveals how she keeps up with the young look

Thembi Seete is set to inspire South Africans with how she got her body in shape and being able to keep fit despite being a mother with her new Instagram account
page on fitness.

The star gave a detailed story of how she went through the “keep fit” process and how Somizi doubted she’d given birth due
as she doesn’t look like she’s been ever pregnant.

“@somizi himself thought I got a surrogate to carry my child because I don’t look like I
was ever pregnant. And this time he wasn’t joking. Growing up I was obsessed with the
idea of being skinny.”

“I then decided to drink diet pills and experimented on crash diets by starving myself daily, which worked because i lost
the weight but yet i felt like i was dying. I felt weak most of the time, my heart rate was
high, felt constantly tired, sleepy and my concentration span was short. I then went back to my bad diet habits because of my
gravings and guess what? I gained the weight back 10 times more than before and
this time my bad habits affected my skin.

This is called a yoyo diet if I’m correct.”
“So I decided it’s time i change my lifestyle and adopt a healthier living habit because i was putting my own life in danger.”

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