The land dispute between Oza Albiokunla and Iru communities both in Orihionwon local government area of Edo State, that claimed five lives and others with a badly injured.

The fight broke out as a reason of the land dispute between the two communities above, When Iru elders started selling the large land to an international company name withheld, oil areas of the land belonging to Oza Albiokula, in a judgment by the Oba of Benin and the government of the state, which the judge did not favour Iru community, the land is an oil producing Area.

Speaking on this day 25, may 2017, the commission of the police of Edo State C.P Johnson Babatunde Kokumo, after carry out serious investigation on the Oza Albiokunla and Iru communities the police commission hereby declared Ikponmwosa Vincent, Osahon Oshodi, Okowa Johnson, ediabonya Jeffery, Chinedu lucky and others wanted ,And Many others arrested. This where the youths of both communities sent to the bush where the land dispute is located

At the time Filling this report the whereabouts of the this wanted persons are unknown to the police.

Iru and Oza Albiokula communities have has a series of the fight over large oil land between them.

At this time the two communities are in peace now, due to police has taken over the communities with monitoring the land and protecting lives and properties, also Carrying out their investigation.


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