Taking to Instagram, Tumi shared her career top 9 achievements for 2018.

“My career top 9. I had a very selfish year for the most part. It had to be, in order for me
to get back to myself. I thank God for the strength to keep moving and growing.

Now 2019 is looking mighty inviting! Thank you all who have walked with me, believed
in me, given me the benefit of the doubt, your time, bought tickets, tuned in. Alles.

Thank you (sic)” – Tumi Morake wrote.
Check out Tumi’s list below:
1. She wrote a book and recorded the audio-book for release next year
2. Bowed out of radio… for now.
3. Did an Australian run of Tumi Or Not Tumi
4. Completed another year of her weekly column
6. Season II of #wtftumi
7. She FINALLY got to play a bad bad
8. Tumi returned to stir sh*t up on The Queen
9. Began the Married But Not To Each Other tour.


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