Local celebrity Florence Masebe reflects on the year 2018 and she’s indeed grateful as the year is about to roll out.

The actress reveals that she’s got so much health challenge this year but she’s better now.

However, she’s grateful to a particular nurse who helped her and cared for her, named

“My 2018 health file. I found myself in ICU, almost died and was almost put on a ventilator. This was in February. Almost all of
it I was here. The rest of the the year was a constant battle to avoid any further infections. I didn’t always win. There’s always that coughing or sneezing person.

At some point I was wearing a mask in my own home so I wouldn’t make others sick
and so that I would not pick up any more bugs. I have so much to be thankful for. I am here. Healthier. Breathing. I can finally do light exercise again. Baby steps. I must not get carried away. I tend to. The medication
blew me up. I’m thankful for it. It saved my life. There was that one angel nurse in ICU.

Sister Busi. I can never forget her. I will always thank her.

This body went through a lot this year. A delayed reaction to all that the soul has been through. I am thankful for this life and this
journey.” Florence narrated


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