Moozlie found herself in social media hot water on Friday after news had it that the car crash she was involved in while doing
an Instagram video was staged.

The rapper spoke out via Twitter on Friday evening that it was a campaign towards driving safe.
However, Twitter peeps didn’t find it funny as she brought most people to tears, panic
and fear, thinking the car accident was real.

She was lashed with words rather than being praised. Moozlie has since being interviewed on
different media platforms on the intention behind the car crash campaign.

The rap star said she’s gat no regrets for the #VWDriveDry Campaign. Posting snaps of herself at the eNCA media
room, she captioned one of the post saying:
“#VWDriveDry made national news but some of the heartbreaking stories of how
families have been broken never will. Thank you to @encanews for allowing to shine some light on these stories and urge more
South Africans to take the pledge.”
Afterwards, Moozlie was at the MetroFM studio, she captioned her snap with one of the presenter saying:
“@kyeezi was definitely one of the most challenging interviews I’ve done. As a person who has lost a friend quite recently
to a road accident, he really questioned me our intentions behind the #VWDriveDrycampaign. I answered from my heart, and though we may not have agreed
on everything, we can both say something needed to be done about the crisis on our
roads. I’m grateful for the time he gave to engage me and I’m so happy I can always
rely on @metrofmsa…”


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