DJ Sbu hustling lesson goes wrong as his fans lashed him for trespassing on social media rather than appreciate his hustling

The DJ taught his social media the essence of confidence while hustling using a gym in
L.A as an illustration.

Sbu said in a video that he doesn’t have a membership card to the gym but going past there everyday with an addition of
confidence gave him a chance to work out in the gym.

“Gym is just an example. I’m showing a simple way how you can use confidence and a positive mindset to bypass small
situations. Start to think differently. Have a winner’s attitude & let nothing stand in your way. Mina nangithi ngyayenza, NGYAYENZA.”

He tweeted
Rather than be praised by Twitter people for the tip, he found himself in hot water as he
was tagged a criminal.

I DO NOT in any way promote hustlers breaking the law. Bu I’m showing U a skill / mindset. Assume the role.

Who are they to question that you don’t belong there. You were meant for great things. Look the part, have confidence,
assume you’ve already won, then ACT.

Apologise later


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